Professor Henry Schroeder

Henry Schroeder

The Guest Speaker of the 23rd edition of the Cambridge Lectures of Neurosurgical Anatomy will be Professor Henry Schroeder, Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University Medicine in Greisswald in Germany. 

Professor Schroeder is a pioneer of neuroendoscopic techniques with over 20 years of experience in surgery both within (hydrocephalus, colloid cysts, tumours) and outside the brain (pure endoscopic and endoscope-assisted skull base surgery). Professor Schroeder was the Chairman of the Neuroendoscopy committee of the WFNS from 2014 -2017 and is currently the President of the International Federation of Neuroendoscopy.

The 23rd edition of the Lectures will be a short, but intense “fellowship” with Prof Schroeder.