Professor Michael W McDermott

Mike McDermott

Dr. McDermott’s clinical specialty interests include stereotactic neurosurgery and Gamma Knife® radiosurgery, in particular for tumors of the central nervous system, meningiomas, and skull base surgery. Co-director of the UCSF Gamma Knife® Radiosurgery Program, he also practices in the Department’s Adult Brain Tumor Program, Clinical Neuro-Oncology Program, Central Nervous System Infections and AIDS Program, and Hydrocephalus and Shunt Program for Adults.

Dr. McDermott’s research includes studies related to malignant meningiomas and novel agents for treatment, toxicity to normal tissue after radiosurgery in a rat model, and the ability of a biologic compound to enhance the delivery of oxygen to tumors and thereby increase the effectiveness of therapy. Dr. McDermott’s clinical research is focused on correlations of intraoperative tumor pathology with spectroscopy of genetic markers in primary brain tumors and comparative genomic hybridization techniques, and he is a participating research clinician in the human gene therapy clinical trials at UCSF.