Professor Amin Kassam

Amin Kassam

Dr Kassam completed his undergraduate and medical school studies at the University of Toronto in 1991 and subsequently trained in Neurosurgery at the University of Ottawa. Following his residency he came to University of Pittsburgh as a fellow in cerebrovascular surgery under the chairmanship of Dr Janetta and shortly thereafter was appointed to the faculty and later the Chairman.

At the University of Pittsburgh Dr Kassam assembled a dynamic team of neurosurgeons and ENT surgeons whose work resulted in a number of technical and conceptual innovations. Dr Kassam’s team developed a gamete of completely transnasal approaches on lesions affecting central skull now known as Expanded Endonasal Approach (EEA). This work as well as numerous other projects resulted in a great of number scientific publications.

Dr Kassam is an extremely gifted surgeon, a great educator and an enticing speaker. Seeing Dr Kassam teach EEAs on a cadaver is a real treat!

Written by Thomas Santarius