Mr Rikin Trivedi

Rikin Trivedi

Mr Trivedi has a busy clinical practice in general neurosurgery, undertaking between 300-400 cases per year.

He has specialist interests in spinal, cerebrovascular and skull base surgery having received specialist training in these areas during his training as a Registrar in Cambridge and Felow in Miami, USA. Whilst on fellowship, he gained proficiency in minimally invasive surgery techniques and performed the first keyhole lumbar discectomy in the region, shortly after his return.

Mr Trivedi’s research interests to date have been in developing novel imaging techniques for assessment of vascular disease and have evolved to evaluate novel strategies in the treatment of spinal disorders. He has supervised numerous research student projects and has trained fellows in both cerebrovascular and spine surgery. Mr Trivedi’s pulications listed in PubMed.

Mr Trivedi is a keen educator. He is popular with his trainees at home and serves as a faculty on a number of regular and ad hoc neurosurgical courses in the UK and abroad. He is a founder of the Approaches in Neurovascular Surgery and a regular faculty at the Cambridge Lectures in Neurosurgical Anatomy.

Written by Thomas Santarius